Welcome to the (Retail) Jungle

Forget the Georges St-Pierre UFC fight.

The real savage cage match is happening  in retail.

Now that “Cyber November” has begun, let’s see how the following market factors are shaping 2017 holiday sales in the wild retail jungle:

1. Strategic Partnerships:
To compete better, Amazon partnered with Microsoft, and Walmart partnered with Google to deliver:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Voice ordering; and
  • Personalized, omnichannel marketing based on deep data insights.

2. Millennials Mania:
Amazon bought Whole Foods and Zappos, and Walmart bought
Jet.com, Bonobos and Parcel to lure affluent, busy young adults with appealing apparel and CPG brands for e-commerce and e-grocery success.

3. Savvy Shoppers:
Increasingly assertive, shoppers now demand supply chain transparency, sustainability, local suppliers and fast, free shipping. They reward companies offering product quality, variety and convenience.

4. Price Wars:
Retailers use AI for dynamic pricing to adjust online prices in real time for a competitive edge, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up fast.

5. Fewer Middlemen:
Private label disruptors (e.g. Brandless, Public Goods) shorten the supply chain with direct-to-consumer sales to keep costs low.

Given all these exhausting, intense (and expensive) market pressures, which companies will emerge from the 2017 holiday jungle as retail rock stars?


Lisa Goller
Lisa Goller is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience serving B2B, technology and retail companies. She helps businesses tell their story through irresistible content marketing and strategic communications.

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