68 Books That Build Thriving Businesses

At age six, I published my first book.

The plot went nowhere and the character arc was goofy, but still: I was hooked.

That book sparked my lifelong love of writing, reading and editing.

Since then I have built my own business around my passion for storytelling. For the past six years I’ve helped global technology and retail companies tell their story.

That’s why I’m delighted to share this list of
68 Business Books for Entrepreneurs
by UpJourney Editor-In-Chief Carmen Jacob.

This list of books covers everything from purpose and strategic vision to how to find people who will enthusiastically pay you for your talent. (And I’m honoured to be included in this piece.)

The startup stage can feel intimidated and even proven entrepreneurs have areas they want to improve upon, so this list contains a book to suit diverse business needs.

Which business book(s) would you add?

Lisa Goller

Lisa Goller is a Content Marketing Strategist with over 15 years of experience serving B2B, tech and retail companies. She helps businesses tell their story through irresistible content marketing and strategic communications.

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