I help businesses tell their story.


You’re busy delighting your clients, growing your business and keeping up with the blistering pace of innovation.

You don’t have time to sit down to write all your own powerful content.

I can take the pressure off you. Let’s turn your rich experience and insights into valuable content to attract your dream clients.

My trusted content marketing will help you:

  • Save time on content creation, so you can focus on your priorities
  • Engage customers with content they actually want to read and share
  • Grow your business with lead-generating content


  • Executive ghostwriting: You get the spotlight, the credit and the results from a talented, behind-the-scenes writer
  • Writing: Connect with your audience by sharing content they truly value
  • Editing: Look polished and professional with error-free content from a meticulous editor
  • Strategic advising: Find the marketing mix that fits your goals and budget
  • Interactive workshops: Use a strategic framework to stand out with content (for consultants, freelancers and independent contractors)

Stand out
and attract your dream customers with:

  • Ghostwritten byline articles in publications your prospects read
  • Press releases so you earn media coverage and credibility
  • SEO-friendly website content
  • Social media content (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Business blog posts
  • Infographics and video scripts

Generate leads
for business development with:

  • Social media content (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Sales proposals and RFPs
  • Whitepapers, e-books and case studies
  • Digital marketing, including emails and newsletters