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Lisa Goller lisagoller.com Content Marketing StrategistLet’s tell your story with smarts + sizzle.

Global retail tech companies collaborate with me for irresistible, strategic content marketing that helps them save time, stand out and fuel sales leads.

My strategic communications have helped Fortune 500 companies, and I have appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Retail Dive and CPGmatters.

As a RetailWire BrainTrust member, I participate in timely discussions on retail strategy, retail tech and global consumer trends.

Unlike other content marketing experts, I take a global, strategic and highly visual approach to reporting the latest consumer and competitive trends in retail technology.

How I’m different …


My refreshing twist to stodgy strategy frameworks boosts engagement. Highly-visual communications and reputable research make strategy vibrant, current and brilliant.

Retail tech executives hire me to spot market patterns their rivals often miss. My business background (BBA, MBA), abstract thinking and global trend analysis help companies:

  • Simplify complex ideas
  • Differentiate themselves
  • Proactively protect against obsolescence

Consulting firms, marketing agencies and academics also use my work to train others to see the big picture.


Global marketing, sales and C-suite executives also hire me to help them win new business. We collaborate on smart, arresting content marketing to:

• Generate sales leads
• Showcase thought leadership
• Save time

My clients access diverse strategic B2B content marketing services — without the high price tag of an agency.

Let’s move your business forward:
Marketing, sales and C-suite executives are so busy keeping up with the relentless pressure to drive sales growth, they rarely have enough time to stop and think about the bigger picture.

If you want to impress your desired audience with content marketing that achieves your business goals, check out my strategic content marketing services.

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