Hi, I’m Lisa Goller.

Since 2000, I’ve injected smarts + sizzle into B2B marketing. In 2013, I launched my own strategic content marketing company to help B2B marketing teams save time and fuel sales growth.

As a Content Marketing Strategist, I offer strategic content marketing services to retail tech, consulting and research companies on 4 continents.

My fresh twist on stodgy strategy frameworks help decision makers keep up with the blistering pace of innovation as global retail evolves. See my latest media coverage.

Why companies collaborate with me:


  • Unique: Differentiate your company with irresistible marketing
  • Engaging: Connect with your audience with relevant, timely content 
  • Creative: Dazzle your audience with vibrant, unique content they love (and share)


  • Time savings: With 20 years’ experience, I offer a flat learning curve, including minimal revisions, freeing up your time for other priorities
  • Cost savings: I’m more affordable than an agency and I can deliver a fast ROI


  • Business development: Earned a 100% win rate on RFP reports, helping global project teams win new business deals worth up to 9 figures each
  • Lead generation: Delight your audience with arresting content that fuels engagement
  • Thought leadership: Show your brilliance to stand out in your niche
  • Relief: Replace stress with peace of mind and confidence, as I always meet deadlines


  • Big picture: CEOs appreciate my high-level thinking, which aligns their marketing and business goals, and keeps them competitive
  • Abstract thinker: I connect disparate dots, and see patterns and relationships most people miss
  • Global trendspotter: I help companies protect against obsolescence by proactively adapting to international market trends


  • Good times: I am a wacky, wacky woman who is known to spark joy.

Cheerleader for entrepreneurs:
As an entrepreneur celebrating 8 years in business, I’m an enthusiastic supporter of fellow business owners.