I help businesses tell their story.


My content marketing business has grown by transforming former employers and referrals into happy, loyal clients and accounts in B2B, technology and retail.

I have created communications for such companies as:

Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)
Government of Ontario
Hershey Canada
Internet Retailer
Metro Inc.
Molson Coors
Shoppers Drug Mart
Sobeys Inc.
Trace One
Vision Critical
Whole Foods Market

Digital Content Marketing Samples (& Media Coverage)

Infographics: Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
The Explosive Growth of Natural & Organic (timeline)
NEW! Supply Chain Reinvention – 2007 vs. 2017
The Explosive Growth of Retail Technology (timeline)
Last-Minute Ideas to Maximize Your Holiday Sales
5 Disruptive Retail Trends
4 Ways to Capitalize on the Buy Local Movement
3 Ways Your B2C Brand Can Demonstrate Transparency
The Top 3 Omnichannel Personalization Trends

Hot Retail & CPG Trends: (Social media and blog posts)

2019 Retail Trends
2019 Retail Trends: What Consumers (Don’t) Want
$5 Billion Hemp CBD Market Sparks Retail Innovation
Purpose-Led Brands Poised to Profit
Consumers Shun Sugar
The War On Plastic
6 Retail Trends That Stood Out at NRF 2019
Top 3 Retail Themes from Shoptalk 2019
How Foodservice is Adapting to Consumers’ Changing Tastes

2018 Retail Trends

7 Retail Trends That Will Dominate 2018
The Power of Voice
E-Grocery Delivers the Convenience Consumers Crave
Grocery e-commerce set to surge
Infographic: How Blockchain Boosts Retail Trust
Private Labels Emerge As Unstoppable Brands
AI is Everywhere
Retail Gets Personal
In-Store Tech Modernizes Retail
Last Mile Innovation Delivers Customer-Centric Retail
2018 Retail Roundup

Retail Tech Trends
AI could become your personal shopper
–¬†iTunes, Spotify, Kindle: Reinventing How You Spend
– Grocery E-commerce set to surge
9 Technologies Revolutionizing Retail
Hot Trends in Shopper Technology
Top Tech Trends for CPG Suppliers
This Big Data Trend Helps Companies See the Future

Retailer News
Why E-Commerce Giants are Getting Physical
8 Ways Amazon Will Profit in Toronto
How Walmart’s Makeover Will Get You Buying Groceries Online
Can Babies Save Toys ‘R’ Us?
5 Ways Amazon Will Rock Grocery
What You Can Learn From Zara’s Product Controversy

2017 Retail Trends
6 Trends That Will Reinvent Retail in 2017
2017 Retail Trends Roundup
Retail Gets Phygital, Part 1
Retail Gets Phygital, Part 2
Hemp-Based Wellness Goes Mainstream
Retailtainment Inspires Shoppers to See What’s In Store
6 Culinary Trends Spicing Up Grocery
Artisan Sales Soar as Consumers Invest in Quality
In Retail, Small is Big
Grocery e-commerce set to surge
9 Technologies Revolutionizing Retail
Hot Trends in Shopper Technology
Top Tech Trends for CPG Suppliers
This Big Data Trend Helps Companies See the Future
7 Retail Lessons from NRF’s BIG Show

Consumer Behavior
Why Visual Merchandising Matters More Than Ever
What Shoppers Really Want From Retailers
Hungry for Health & Wellness: 5 Major Food Trends
Merchandising Wins: Master Tactics From Retailers Who Got It Right
5 Ways to Get Shoppers to Spend More
Millennial Moms: The real retail disruptors
What Millennials Want from Consumer Goods
Early Bird Guide to Black Friday
Product Assortment: Your Competitive Advantage

2016 Retail Trends
5 Disruptive Retail Trends to Watch in 2016
2016 Retail Trends Roundup
9 Technologies Revolutionizing Retail
How Local Products Attract Happy, Loyal Customers
2016 Health and Wellness Trends Invigorating Retail
12 Ways Data Boosts Cyber Monday Sales
10 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for Black Friday Success
9 Ways to Sell More This Halloween
Local Foods Drive Massive Growth in Retail
Sustainability Boosts Brand Awareness, Trust and Sales
Transparency Builds B2C Brand Trust
Engage Shoppers With Omnichannel Personalization
12 Ways to Engage Today’s Savvy Shoppers

More Retail Tech Trends
Infographic: The Explosive Growth of Retail Technology (timeline)
Retail Analytics: Why Big Data is a Big Deal
12 Ways Data Boosts Cyber Monday Sales
9 Technologies Revolutionizing Retail
Hot Trends in Shopper Technology
Top Tech Trends for CPG Suppliers
6 Tech Trends Affecting Your Marketing Success in 2016
Engage Shoppers With Omnichannel Personalization
12 Ways to Engage Today’s Savvy Shoppers
Leadership Lessons from Toronto’s Tech Titans
Toronto Needs Tech Disruptors, Say Public & Private Sectors

B2B Content Marketing (Social media and blog posts)
More Than Luck: 5 tips from winning sales proposals
Plan Your Content, Crush Your Competitors
2017’s Hottest Content Marketing Trends
52 Business Blog Post Ideas for 2017
Grow in 2017 (With a 1-page Marketing Plan)
5 Essential B2B Marketing Tactics
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Why Successful C-Suites Embrace Social Media
Build a Brilliant Business Blog
52 Business Blog Posts That Will Blow Your Customers Away
How Content Can Prove Your Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership
Case Study: Cut Through the Clutter
– Case Study: Measuring Marketing Success
– Case Study: Extreme Email Makeover
– Case Study: Social Media for the Media-Shy
– Case Study: Results-Oriented Press Release

Leadership & Entrepreneurship
(Social media and blog posts)
Smashing the Glass Ceiling: 7 successful businesswomen share their tips
10 Lessons from 5 Years in Business
How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Gives You an Edge
Precarious Work = The New Normal
9 Ways to be Fearless (in an Age of Fear)
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24 Entrepreneurs’ Best Advice from their Dads
15 Tips to Savour the Wild Ride of Entrepreneurship
Recession-Proof Your Business
20 Tips for Working Remotely (& Productively)
The Boardroom is the Best Classroom

The Future of Work 
(Social media and blog posts)
20 Tips for Working Remotely (& Productively)
How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Gives You an Edge
Precarious Work = The New Normal
The Unstoppable Freelance Revolution
Proof the Freelance Revolution is Unstoppable
8 Reasons Businesses Love Freelancers
8 Reasons Workers Embrace Freelancing
Does Freelancing Fit Your Lifestyle?

Lisa Goller in the News:

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