Tag: 2020 retail trends

Amazon SWOT Analysis Check-In

Profitable pivots: 2020’s COVID-19 curveball rattled even the biggest retail leaders. In this SWOT analysis check-in, we see how Amazon has responded to market pressures, including direct changes to address specific weaknesses and threats. This snapshot follows a more thorough Q2 Amazon SWOT analysis: Is Amazon Pandemic-Proof? How else has Amazon adapted to 2020’s unanticipated […]

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Global E-Commerce Boom

The future of retail is online. This year’s global pandemic has made e-commerce a retail necessity to connect companies and consumers. More consumers now rely on online shopping for convenience, safety and time savings. Retailers and CPG brands invest in e-commerce (as well as tech and logistics partnerships) to overcome store closures and consumer reticence […]

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Why Private Label’s Hot

Private label is on fire. McKinsey found 34% of consumers spent more on private label products during the pandemic, with 44% citing affordability and better value. CONSUMER BENEFITS:Product innovation, quality and affordability make store brands more enticing to consumers this year. RETAILER BENEFITS:Retailers gain greater control over supply chain processes and margins, and drive loyalty […]

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