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6 Tech Trends Affecting Your Marketing Team in 2016

(Originally posted on LinkedIn.) Say good-bye to the silos between IT and marketing. Today’s most successful companies embrace the powerful fusion of tech-driven marketing. And so should you. To compete effectively, your marketing team needs to stay up-to-date on tech innovations — and how they impact your communications with customers and prospects. To compete successfully […]

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Why Successful C-Suites Embrace Social Media

Twenty years ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs “nailed it” when he predicted the role of computers would evolve from computation to communication. Today the use of social media through computers and mobile sources are the primary means of business communication worldwide. Although social media has evolved into a fundamental business tool, a recent BRANDfog survey […]

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Simplicity = Good Business Sense

Why is simplicity so hard? Some of my clients have worried that simple writing dumbs down the message and insults the reader. I disagree – and I successfully convinced my clients that clear, concise writing shows actually respect for the audience. Here’s what I tell clients about the power of simple prose: 1. Readers never […]

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