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8 Reasons Businesses Love Freelancers

The freelance revolution is fueling business, as a growing number of companies are turning to independent professionals to get their projects done. As the freelancing revolution gains momentum, companies can win big. Why Companies Win The business benefits of hiring a freelancer include: 1. Cost savings: Businesses can save a significant amount of money by […]

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Share Your Strategy, Wow Your Staff

To remain agile and competitive, your company must continuously adapt to keep pace with today’s increasingly fast-moving business world. How do you keep your staff “in the loop,” aligned and enthusiastic in the face of rapid-fire strategic challenges? Leadership guru and Harvard business professor John Kotter suggests the following tips to share your strategy with […]

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Write Like a Strategist

To accomplish your business goals, you need written copy that prompts your audiences to think and act differently. Use these writing best practices to keep your audience interested and engaged: Challenge yourself to think of your audience’s point of view Use an outline that is clear, focused and logical Get straight to the point; start […]

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