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E-Commerce Fuels Stores’ Evolution

What’s in store? E-commerce’s influence. Online shopping growth has forced retailers to transform their brick-and-mortar stores into omnichannel assets. As e-commerce catapults forward, global retailers are collaborating with tech and logistics partners to deliver omnichannel: – Speed;– Agility; and– Convenience (Notice how many grocery and big box retailers are showing omnichannel resilience.) How else have […]

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9 Tech Trends Taking Off Due to Coronavirus

Digital Renaissance: We’re in the midst of a massive, global shift toward the digital realm. Over the past two months, the coronavirus pandemic has sparked soaring demand for technology. The accelerated adoption of these innovations reflect 3 major trends: 1. PERVASIVE CHANGE Technology investments are revolutionizing the retail, healthcare, education, automotive, finance and fitness industries, […]

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