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Boost Your Social Media ROI

Recently, social media has exploded from a playful phenomenon to a business imperative. Used effectively, these communication tools help companies gain a competitive advantage by understanding what customers want and how to improve their customer experience. To make wise social media investment decisions for your organization, consider the following strategic questions: Strategic alignment: How does […]

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Share Your Strategy, Wow Your Staff

To remain agile and competitive, your company must continuously adapt to keep pace with today’s increasingly fast-moving business world. How do you keep your staff “in the loop,” aligned and enthusiastic in the face of rapid-fire strategic challenges? Leadership guru and Harvard business professor John Kotter suggests the following tips to share your strategy with […]

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Start 2014 With a Bang

This week is when it all begins: Our goals for 2014 come alive, moving off the pages of a business plan and into action. To achieve your business goals this year, make sure your communications plan revolves around them. Start 2014 with a bang with these strategic communication plan best practices: Tie communications to business […]

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