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Revisiting 2021 Retail Tech Trends

It’s retail tech’s time. A 39% YoY rise in U.S. e-commerce sales in Q1 ($196 billion vs. $141 billion) shows how much online shopping has matured during the pandemic [Digital Commerce 360]. Now retail tech companies are transforming the global e-commerce infrastructure to connect companies and consumers, as they grow in digital sophistication. Recent developments: […]

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Ravenous for E-Grocery

We crave convenience. Consumers’ migration to e-commerce has made grocery the most exciting (& strategically significant) retail category, as: – Consumers desire time savings– Brands adapt to changing consumer tastes– Retailers seek omnichannel loyalty for a competitive edge Also, physical grocery stores have evolved to support omnichannel success with buy online pick up in store […]

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E-Grocery Success Factors

Consumers crave convenience: 2020 is boom time for grocery retailers with robust e-commerce infrastructures. That’s because COVID-19 has shaped how we shop: 3 billion global consumers were homebound, and many restaurants closed, sparking a surge in home cooking (World Economic Forum) $2.5 trillion, representing 35% of global food expenditures, is now up for grabs as […]

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