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Global E-Commerce Boom

The future of retail is online. This year’s global pandemic has made e-commerce a retail necessity to connect companies and consumers. More consumers now rely on online shopping for convenience, safety and time savings. Retailers and CPG brands invest in e-commerce (as well as tech and logistics partnerships) to overcome store closures and consumer reticence […]

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2020 Retail PEST Analysis

What keeps CEOs up at night: Coronavirus impact, global recession, and mass protests and movements for starters. As this PEST analysis shows, retail executives and their teams need to juggle a variety of complex market factors as they revise their 2020 strategies to navigate new risks. UPDATED Jan. 2021: 2021 Retail PEST Analysis Overarching themes […]

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The New Skill Set

What Businesses Want (in a Pandemic)… Today’s devastating news that the U.S. jobless rate hit its highest level since the Great Depression (and Canada hit its second-highest level) proves how profoundly and swiftly COVID-19 has hurt businesses and talent. As more people compete for jobs, global research suggests corporate demand for specific skills cuts across […]

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