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8 Lessons from 8 Years in Business

It’s party time! February marks 8 years since I launched by own business. As number of new businesses has soared 38% year-over-year in the U.S., it’s the perfect time to share some tips to help start-ups succeed. Patterns among these 8 lessons: 1. MIND-BODY CONNECTIONMovement fires up our neurons and can spark our most brilliant […]

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2015 PR Fails … and What We Can Learn From Them

Move over, Malaysia Airlines and Jian Ghomeshi. In 2015 we survived a tsunami of shocking new PR scandals involving Volkswagen, Ashley Madison, FIFA and Bill Cosby. In time we’ll see whether these damaged brands will survive. In the meantime, let’s face it: In business and in life, people make mistakes. Whether our reputation is resilient […]

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