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10 Ways Effective Leaders Gain Influence

Without exception, effective leaders are also superior communicators. These leaders carefully craft their messages to connect with clients, employees and investors on an emotional level. Their words influence and inspire others to achieve more than they could ever imagine. Use these 10 secrets of effective leaders to deliver powerful, influential messages: 1. Know Your Audience […]

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Negotiate With Ease: 5 Tips

Do negotiations make your heart pound and your mind race? You’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to close a sale with a customer, win over an investor or sign a business contract, negotiation consultant Fotini Iconomopoulos (pictured above) can help you negotiate more successfully. After more than a decade of sales and negotiation experience, Fotini […]

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Timeless Strategic Writing Tips

Whether we write for the web or print, copywriting is about understanding your audience and addressing its needs. That’s why these century-old copywriting tips are still valid today: Focus on benefits: Tell your target why they need your product or service Listen closely: Understand your audience’s needs so you know how to fulfill them Skip […]

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