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7 Tips for Strategic Copy

To create copy that gets results, use these tips: Focus on your audience: what do they want? Make your point up-front Keep your objective or call to action clear Emphasize your benefits Answer the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why) … and how Use simple keywords and short, clear sentences Limit the number of […]

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Case Study: Strategic Language

Communication Challenge: A brilliant client of mine held itself back by using academic and technical language on its website. The copy was more suitable for post-graduate English or IT professors than its true audience. In fact, a readability test tool suggested readers would need 17 years of formal education to comprehend the copy! Strategic Solutions: […]

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First Things First: Communications Basics

It’s no coincidence that the most successful companies communicate effectively. Clear communication saves time, effort and headaches. Market leaders know that before they can achieve their business goals, they need strong relationships with their employees, customers and the public. To build those strong relationships, an organization must first apply these communication fundamentals: Know your subject: […]

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