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Why Small is BIG in 2020

Big retailers think small. As the 2020 holiday sales season kicks off, leading retailers seek nimble small businesses to give consumers what they want. Their relationships are mutually-beneficial … To stay competitive and solvent in a pandemic, small suppliers need an online presence, which they can achieve through retailers’ robust e-commerce and logistics infrastructure. As […]

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The New Skill Set

What Businesses Want (in a Pandemic)… Today’s devastating news that the U.S. jobless rate hit its highest level since the Great Depression (and Canada hit its second-highest level) proves how profoundly and swiftly COVID-19 has hurt businesses and talent. As more people compete for jobs, global research suggests corporate demand for specific skills cuts across […]

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Pandemic-Driven Pivots

Creativity conquers chaos: This year, agile companies have shown profound resilience by reinventing themselves in response to the coronavirus pandemic. From beer to fitness, many industries are filling consumption gaps with relevant solutions, including essential goods and technology. What other examples of responsiveness have you seen?

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