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CEOs’ Top 10 Twitter Topics

Forget what you learned in business school. All organizations are now in the communications business – and Twitter is the new newsroom. For that reason, CEOs need to embrace social media. Twitter alone attracts 255 million monthly active users. Business is one of the top 10 topics on Twitter, making it a key platform to […]

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Case Study: Extreme Email Makeover

Situation: One of my clients communicates using more than 30 email campaigns per month. However, the email response rates had been dismal for years. Approach: To understand the client’s strategy, I analyzed 20 sample emails and considered: If I received this email, would I even open it? Is it clear? Do I understand why I […]

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First Things First: Communications Basics

It’s no coincidence that the most successful companies communicate effectively. Clear communication saves time, effort and headaches. Market leaders know that before they can achieve their business goals, they need strong relationships with their employees, customers and the public. To build those strong relationships, an organization must first apply these communication fundamentals: Know your subject: […]

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