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The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tactic

What powerful marketing tactic builds brand awareness, creates trust and establishes long-term value – all at a low cost? The most effective way to win new customers and grow your business, especially when starting out, is word of mouth. Word of mouth spreads the word about your business by encouraging delighted customers to recommend your […]

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Help Your Brand Stand Out

The threat of invisibility spooks every business owner and marketing executive. That’s why they work so hard to make their brands stand out and resonate with their target market. What’s even trickier is trying to attract attention in an oversaturated market with a limited marketing budget. To get your brand noticed, use these cost-effective tips: […]

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The Most Cost-Effective Morale Booster

Recent research indicates improving the communication of senior executives may be the most cost-effective way to improve employee satisfaction, morale and culture. A clear link exists between outstanding organizational performance and outstanding culture. Executive communication plays a major role in both. What Employees Want According to research, the topics employees want to hear about from […]

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