The Most Cost-Effective Morale Booster

Recent research indicates improving the communication of senior executives may be the most cost-effective way to improve employee satisfaction, morale and culture.

A clear link exists between outstanding organizational performance and outstanding culture. Executive communication plays a major role in both.

What Employees Want
According to research, the topics employees want to hear about from their CEO tend to be big-picture subjects, including:

  • The future of the organization
  • Overall corporate strategy
  • Top-line financial results
  • Major changes, including redundancies
  • Feedback from the board of directors or government
  • Major stakeholder issues
  • Responses to media attention

Most of all, employees want to feel “in the loop” and know they are appreciated. As such, C-suite communications must develop trusting relationships rather than merely convey information.

How to Connect
Executives can’t achieve organizational goals on their own, so they need to ensure their communications drive results.

Employees will only follow if they’re clear on where they’re headed and why, and if they trust and feel appreciated by those taking them there.

Effective executive communicators:

  • Include feelings, not just facts to establish an authentic, credible tone
  • Use multiple media, including face-to-face events, road shows, intranet, email, video streaming and newsletters
  • Share short, simple messages whatever the medium
  • Listen actively, pick up on feedback and ensure it’s acknowledged in future communications
  • Repeat key messages pertaining to the organization’s purpose, activities and goals, and how employees contribute to them

Do your organization’s most effective internal communications start at the top?

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  1. Boosting employee morale is one way that small businesses can improve employee efficiency and retention rates, leading to lower costs and a better overall work environment. Not all morale-boosting activities are expensive ??many of the most effective steps employers can take to boost employee morale cost little or no money.

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