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Trump’s Winning Marketing Strategy: Rage Against the Machine

The world awoke to a whole new reality show. As astounded Americans try to make sense of last night’s election results (and feverishly apply for a Canadian passport), let’s examine how President-elect Trump’s marketing strategy contributed to his stunning triumph. Donald Trump’s political campaign nailed several basic marketing principles, which elevated his brand from brash […]

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More than luck: 5 tips for winning sales proposals

To secure lucrative new clients, even the luck of the Irish may not be enough for your business. Instead, using written proposals as compelling sales tools can help your company stand out, win major accounts and boost your revenue fast. Apply these 5 tips to charm decision makers with strong sales proposals: 1. Use a […]

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Create a Competitive Content Strategy

In today’s crowded marketplace it’s hard to stand out, especially if your company lacks a massive marketing budget. Luckily the Internet helps “level the playing field” for companies of all sizes to turn themselves into giants by telling their story — all for minimal cost. Here are five ways your company can gain a competitive […]

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