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Build a Brilliant Business Blog

Today effective brand building demands a strong online presence. As content marketing and social media explode in importance, business blogs are helping companies gain a competitive advantage. Why Blog? Progressive companies understand the advantages of blogging as way to attract, engage and convert their target market – all while building brand awareness, authority and online […]

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Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Tired of playing hide and seek with your target market? To identify a suitable target, successful entrepreneurs recommend these tips: 1. Pick an audience you can relate to. Choose and audience you understand and admire — then tailor your product to their pain points. 2. Consider long-term potential. Among customers that will adopt early, which […]

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7 Tips for Strategic Copy

To create copy that gets results, use these tips: Focus on your audience: what do they want? Make your point up-front Keep your objective or call to action clear Emphasize your benefits Answer the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why) … and how Use simple keywords and short, clear sentences Limit the number of […]

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