Build a Brilliant Business Blog

Today effective brand building demands a strong online presence. As content marketing and social media explode in importance, business blogs are helping companies gain a competitive advantage.

Why Blog?
Progressive companies understand the advantages of blogging as way to attract, engage and convert their target market – all while building brand awareness, authority and online search visibility. Here are some tips on how to do it well.

Business Blogging Best Practices

  • Be generous: Share helpful (vs. sales-driven) articles, images and video. Give away as much as you can to stay top-of-mind with readers.
  • Be informative: Cite top quality research and information, preferably with practical information that will help your audience.
  • Be strategic: Plan which keywords to use in your blog content to maximize your online search visibility.
  • Be flexible: If you find blog management too time consuming, consider outsourcing.
  • Be open: Traditional marketing talks at people; content marketing talks with them. Encourage dialogue through your business blog.

To build your brand and influence your target market, consider business blogging as part of an online marketing strategy for community building.

Which business blogging best practices would you add?

Lisa Goller
Lisa Goller helps businesses tell their story. As a Toronto-based Strategic Freelance Writer & Editor, she helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out, look good and save time. Learn more at


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