Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Tired of playing hide and seek with your target market? To identify a suitable target, successful entrepreneurs recommend these tips:

1. Pick an audience you can relate to. Choose and audience you understand and admire — then tailor your product to their pain points.

2. Consider long-term potential. Among customers that will adopt early, which ones will share their experience with others? That’s your target audience.

3. Be specific. The more precisely you can identify your target, the better your chances of creating messages that resonate and influence them.

4. Imagine your ideal customers. What do they wear? Where do they go? What do they do with their time? What do they read? Your answers will help you build a clear demographic profile that will help with reach and engagement.

5. Conduct keyword research. Research demand by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine how many people are searching for keyword terms related to your product.

6. Work one-on-one with prospects. Every interaction with a potential client helps you further understand your target and ideal clients.

7. Do your homework. It’s who you know, not just what you know. Making a list of contacts from networking events, professional connections and social media can help find your audience.

8. Consider whom you want to help. Ask yourself, ‘Whose hero do you want to be?’ Who can you serve with your talents?

9. Gather relevant customer data. Data doesn’t lie, so look at who is actually calling, emailing, signing up for your newsletter and buying your product. It may differ from your expectations.

10. Communicate clearly. To attract a suitable target, you need to articulate who you are, what you care about, and how what you do matters to others.

How did you identify your company’s target market?

Lisa Goller
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