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Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Tired of playing hide and seek with your target market? To identify a suitable target, successful entrepreneurs recommend these tips: 1. Pick an audience you can relate to. Choose and audience you understand and admire — then tailor your product to their pain points. 2. Consider long-term potential. Among customers that will adopt early, which […]

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Timeless Strategic Writing Tips

Whether we write for the web or print, copywriting is about understanding your audience and addressing its needs. That’s why these century-old copywriting tips are still valid today: Focus on benefits: Tell your target why they need your product or service Listen closely: Understand your audience’s needs so you know how to fulfill them Skip […]

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Strategic Thinking: A Competitive Advantage

Before I write anything, I make sure I understand my clients’ business objectives. This practice helps me align my writing with solutions to the problems that keep CEOs awake at night. It’s worth the effort to consistently consider the big picture before you communicate. Strategy matters to your competitiveness because it helps you: Sort through […]

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