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Trump’s Winning Marketing Strategy: Rage Against the Machine

The world awoke to a whole new reality show. As astounded Americans try to make sense of last night’s election results (and feverishly apply for a Canadian passport), let’s examine how President-elect Trump’s marketing strategy contributed to his stunning triumph. Donald Trump’s political campaign nailed several basic marketing principles, which elevated his brand from brash […]

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Marketing Lessons from David Bowie Songs

Behind his extravagant rock star lifestyle, outrageous costumes and dramatic makeup, David Bowie was a brilliant businessman worth nearly $1 billion. A marketing mastermind, David Bowie intuitively embraced innovation, sparked trends and differentiated his brand. He fearlessly blended creative art with shrewd business deals to build an engaging and enduring empire (for five decades!). In […]

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Boost Your Social Media ROI

Recently, social media has exploded from a playful phenomenon to a business imperative. Used effectively, these communication tools help companies gain a competitive advantage by understanding what customers want and how to improve their customer experience. To make wise social media investment decisions for your organization, consider the following strategic questions: Strategic alignment: How does […]

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