Marketing Lessons from David Bowie Songs

Behind his extravagant rock star lifestyle, outrageous costumes and dramatic makeup, David Bowie was a brilliant businessman worth nearly $1 billion.

A marketing mastermind, David Bowie intuitively embraced innovation, sparked trends and differentiated his brand. He fearlessly blended creative art with shrewd business deals to build an engaging and enduring empire (for five decades!).

In honour of this versatile artist, let’s look at how the following David Bowie song titles reflect proven principles for success in marketing, business and life:

1. Changes: Adapt or die.

Whether it’s your marketing strategy or willingness to embrace new social platforms, continuously experiment, keep an open mind and remain willing to change.

2. Rebel Rebel: Be unique.

Boldly choose to be true to your brand. Customers reward and remain loyal to companies that give them unique value.

3. The Man Who Sold the World: Be confident.

To win in business, you cannot stay small, quiet or invisible. Dream big, take risks and believe in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

4. Young Americans: Understand Millennials.

This generational cohort is shaping business strategy and communications around the world. Pay attention to their top trends to understand where business is going and what’s expected of your company.

5. Under Pressure and Let’s Dance: Business is hard – so have fun.

Juggling countless marketing and business tasks can be overwhelming. Do your best, be gentle as you learn and celebrate your wins, big and small, along the way.

What other David Bowie songs could help business leaders?

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