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1 Year Later – How Covid-19 Changed Global Retail

Retail looks different. Today marks one year since this piece initially went live, so let’s see which changes have stuck. LASTING CHANGES: E-commerce & e-grocery explosionHome delivery boom timeBOPIS & curbside pickupCashless is king MORE CHANGES: Dark storesOff-mall expansionDigital magnetism like AR & livestreaming OVERARCHING THEME:Most of these changes support online shopping and stores’ emerging […]

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B2B content marketing trends for lead generation sales 2019 2020 Lisa Goller

B2B Marketing for Lead Generation

Content marketing trends to include in your 2019 and 2020 marketing strategies to sell to B2B buyers.

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B2B strategic communications plan to help marketing and communication teams align with their organization's big picture for superior ROI

B2B Strategic Communications Plan

Match your message to your big picture.

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B2B Marketing Musts

B2B content marketing can be riveting — even for relatively dull industries. Use these 3 tips to create content your audience actually wants to read (and share).

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5 Questions Your B2B Marketing Must Answer

If you sell to businesses, you’ll profit by anticipating what B2B buyers expect from your message. B2B marketing has changed. Today the buying process is longer and, amid all the digital clutter, attention spans are shorter. Decision makers are busier than ever. They often lack staff, budget and time. Far too often, B2B content misses […]

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