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B2B strategic communications plan to help marketing and communication teams align with their organization's big picture for superior ROI

B2B Strategic Communications Plan

Match your message to your big picture.

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Trump’s Winning Marketing Strategy: Rage Against the Machine

The world awoke to a whole new reality show. As astounded Americans try to make sense of last night’s election results (and feverishly apply for a Canadian passport), let’s examine how President-elect Trump’s marketing strategy contributed to his stunning triumph. Donald Trump’s political campaign nailed several basic marketing principles, which elevated his brand from brash […]

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2015 PR Fails … and What We Can Learn From Them

Move over, Malaysia Airlines and Jian Ghomeshi. In 2015 we survived a tsunami of shocking new PR scandals involving Volkswagen, Ashley Madison, FIFA and Bill Cosby. In time we’ll see whether these damaged brands will survive. In the meantime, let’s face it: In business and in life, people make mistakes. Whether our reputation is resilient […]

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Navigate a PR Crisis With Ease

Ashley Madison. FIFA. NFL. Bill Cosby. Jian Ghomeshi. Rob Ford… In recent months, the headlines have proclaimed PR problems for several major brands and personalities. These headlines prove that, in business as in life, bad stuff happens. Any company could make headlines due to a crisis involving a data breach, employee misconduct, financial issues or […]

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PR in 2013: A Musical Tribute

As the year winds down, let’s take a musical journey as we reminisce about PR campaigns that stood out in 2013. Baby Got Back: After customers complained that lululemon yoga pants were “pilling” between the thighs and the seams were tearing, company founder and chairman Chip Wilson created more negative headlines. He claimed, “some women’s […]

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