Retail’s Healthcare Expansion

Retailers expand into healthcare to earn a healthy bottom line.

Last week, Amazon announced Prime members can access quality, convenient care through discounted One Medical memberships.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer letting consumers add healthcare services to their basket, as this infographic shows.


Market factors driving retail’s expansion into healthcare include:

The pandemic taxed the fragile healthcare infrastructure and its valued professionals, many of whom have quit due to burnout. Now retailers offer more options for efficient access to patient care.

The aging population, mental health crisis, rising rates of substance abuse and wellness as a consumer priority have increased demand for healthcare. Now more consumers seek prompt, personalized healthcare close to home.

Retailers smash category silos to earn members’ loyalty. For instance, Amazon Prime members can buy groceries and personal care items, get their pharmaceuticals delivered (even by drone) and access telehealth service – all from home.

What do you think of retailers expanding into healthcare services?

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