Top Retail Trends in Q4 2023

What’s happening in retail in Q4 2023?

What’s up:

🔺 Black Friday sales results
🔺 Returns process innovation
🔺 Channel blurring, as DTC shops, social media and livestream content drive sales

What’s down:

🔻 Consumer spending
🔻 Self-checkouts

Catering to customers:

🛍 Despite lower consumption, Black Friday set sales records as consumers sought deals.

🛒 Retailers and brands are meeting consumers wherever they spend time – in-store or online.

🤔 Consumer pressure, retail theft and fraud are making retailers rethink self-checkouts and returns policies.

The top trends in Q4 2023 were: Black Friday success, price sensitivity, all-channel commerce, self-checkouts start to disappear and retailers rethink returns.

What Q4 trends would you add?

Will dream up more ways to express industry trends and return in the new year with 2024 retail trends. Happy holidays!

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