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B2B content marketing trends for lead generation sales 2019 2020 Lisa Goller

B2B Marketing for Lead Generation

Content marketing trends to include in your 2019 and 2020 marketing strategies to sell to B2B buyers.

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Executive Ghostwriter as a Time Saver

It’s frightful: Business executives are bursting with brilliant insights – yet they have no time to share them. That’s why some leaders use a ghostwriter, a writer who anonymously articulates their ideas while the executive gets the spotlight, the credit and the results. In time for Halloween, here’s a case study on using a ghostwriter […]

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Strut! Self-promotion tips from business leaders

To get ahead, you need to promote yourself. Research proves that business and career success is highest among people who feel comfortable with selling themselves and their strengths. How self-promotion can help you These findings on self-promotion apply to entrepreneurs and executives alike. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re the face of your brand; to boost […]

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Social Media Selling: A to Z

How social is your business? Over 46% of businesses say social media drives sales, according to recent research. In honour of Social Media Week (Sept. 22-26, 2014), let’s examine how social media can build your business – from A to Z. Audience: No matter who your business targets, your customers likely use social media. Social […]

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The Most Cost-Effective Morale Booster

Recent research indicates improving the communication of senior executives may be the most cost-effective way to improve employee satisfaction, morale and culture. A clear link exists between outstanding organizational performance and outstanding culture. Executive communication plays a major role in both. What Employees Want According to research, the topics employees want to hear about from […]

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7 “Go For Gold” Presentation Tips

Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who strive to “own the podium.” Just as athletes must practice their sport to win, executives and business owners must practice public speaking to make connections and compete effectively. Use these 7 gold medal presentation tips to win over your audience: Start with a clear purpose: Remind yourself why […]

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