Executive Ghostwriter as a Time Saver

It’s frightful: Business executives are bursting with brilliant insights – yet they have no time to share them. That’s why some leaders use a ghostwriter, a writer who anonymously articulates their ideas while the executive gets the spotlight, the credit and the results.

In time for Halloween, here’s a case study on using a ghostwriter as a strategic business resource.

Three of my clients felt overwhelmed by their lack time and their need to constantly produce high-quality content to keep their brand top-of-mind. They came to me for behind-the-scenes ghostwriting, editing and industry research for a magazine article, investor relations report and white paper.

Regardless of the type of content I was asked to ghostwrite, I used these best practices to help my clients stand out, look good and save time:

  • Identify objectives: All three clients wanted my content marketing to position their brand – and themselves – as innovative, helpful thought leaders in their sector. They wanted to boost customer engagement and investor confidence in their brands.
  • Know the market: I took a broad perspective by researching and understanding the client’s target market and competitive positioning.
  • Make the client shine: I emphasized each client’s point of difference to help them stand out, look good and drive business results. Specifically, I showed how the clients help solve their target’s pain points better than their rivals do.

By using a ghostwriter, all three clients’ companies each saved dozens of hours in time and effort, and boosted their leads and/or revenue.

  • The client with the magazine article thanked me for helping him and his brand look good, and attract numerous leads and conversions after the article went viral in his niche.
  • The client with the investor relations report celebrated new investor funding, a direct result of the report, which clearly and persuasively showed how the client would deliver ROI.
  • The client with the white paper continues to generate leads in a lucrative market and felt so satisfied they commissioned me for six more ghostwritten pieces.

Have you considered using a ghostwriter to help you save time?
I’m currently offering 3 ghostwritten LinkedIn Pulse articles for the price of 2.

Lisa Goller
Lisa Goller helps businesses tell their story. As a Toronto-based Strategic Freelance Writer & Editor, she helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out, look good and save time. Learn more at lisagoller.com


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