Retail Media Insights Panel

“All the retail stakeholder groups win” with effective in-store retail media. [37:35]

Grateful to participate in ADvendio’s Retail Media Insights Panel: Exploring Audiences, Monetization and In-Store vs. Digital alongside experts Jorn Zwetsloot, Ahold Delhaize and Wouter Hulst, 201 Connected Media, and terrific host Angus Dowie, ADvendio.

Highlights of Europe vs. the US

📣 On audiences: “Retailers are using location to steer advertising … The core is mapping your online and offline audiences.” ~ Wouter Hulst [18:35]

🛍 On monetizing retail media: “You can show anything in the ad but if you cannot buy the product there, it’s a waste.” ~ Jorn Zwetsloot [20:37]

📈 CFOs’ dream: “Non-endemic [ad sales] is a huge opportunity for retailers to keep growing the top line.” [31:02]

Also hear how:

📺 “Stores are the new TV … they help brands reach huge crowds of customers,” especially at top retailers like Walmart. Learn how that ties in with the Super Bowl. 🏈 [46:27]

📊 Digital differs from in-store in terms of innovations and metrics [33:43]

What top retail media trends would you add?

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