Private Label Gains Power

Consumers’ appetite for private label keeps growing.

Worldwide and across categories, more retailers are aligning their store brand strategies with consumer needs like:

💰 Value
🧘‍♀️ Health
♻ Sustainability

Private labels soar in strategic significance because retailers seek:

❤️ Loyalty
📈 Profitability
🌟 Differentiation

It’s paying off.

🔸 $236 billion in U.S. private label sales in 2023 (+4.7% YoY)
🔸 €340 billion in European private label sales in 2023 (+21% compared to 2020)

Flip through this post to see global examples of successful store brands that keep up with consumers’ evolving needs.

What private label trends or examples would you add?

What are your favorite private label brands or specific products? I refused to share some Trader Joe’s goodies I snagged, and Publix, Tesco, Mercadona and Loblaws store brands also won me over.

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