Know Your Audience

Know your audience: That’s the powerful marketing lesson from Irish rock band U2’s current Joshua Tree tour.

Consider the contrast …

– U2 freely gave away their album, Songs of Innocence, to 500 million (!) iTunes users in part to woo younger listeners
– Millennials and Gen Zs rejected the strategically altruistic move as spam

– U2 is selling out massive stadiums, including Toronto’s Rogers Centre last Friday
– The setlist reflects their most popular (mostly ‘80s) hits to reignite their core audience (Gen X)

Bottom line for businesses:
Not everyone is your audience, so refine your target – and lead with your strengths.


Lisa Goller
Lisa Goller is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience serving B2B, technology and retail companies. She helps businesses tell their story through irresistible content marketing and strategic communications.

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