Is Amazon Pandemic-Proof?

Most retail companies are burning their 2020 business strategies.

The coronavirus crisis has:
– Left many independent retailers and brands insolvent
– Prompted department store Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy last week
– Shuttered storefronts and, earlier this year, Walgreens, Forever 21 and Sears had already closed several stores

By contrast, Amazon is booming.

Jeff Bezos’ wealth rose by $24 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone, as his e-commerce empire seems perfectly positioned for a pandemic.

Are customer obsession, efficiency and tech leadership sufficient to give Amazon a sustainable advantage?

What internal characteristics and external factors — both enduring and pandemic-specific — would you add to Amazon’s SWOT analysis?

(Since Amazon and Walmart are tackling omnichannel from opposite ends of the retail spectrum, we’ll examine Walmart’s SWOT analysis next week.)

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