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Amazon Gets Intimate

Oh baby: Amazon is getting intimate with us. It could be the lockdown loneliness kicking in but I’m convinced that Amazon is the best date ever. Think about it, people: they’re seductive ninjas, subtly applying the 5 Love Languages (Gifts! Movies! Dinner!) to make us swoon. (Personally, I can’t wait until I can say, “Alexa, […]

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2020 Retail Trends

According to Stats Canada, Canadians caused a 99% surge in online purchases between February and May, As e-commerce booms, here are some ways traditional sales seasons and retail strategies could change this year. Key success factors include: PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS:Prompt, reliable delivery and in-stock merchandise could make consumers more forgiving and loyal. (Advantage: Amazon) PHYSICAL STORES:BOPIS […]

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Amazon’s Path to Post-Pandemic Prosperity

This infographic’s alternative title could easily be Why Jeff Bezos Will be a Trillionaire Soon. Last week, Amazon went on a shopping spree to secure its retail tech supremacy and customer-centric continuous improvement to position the company to thrive now and after COVID-19. These investments show Amazon’s priorities range from delivering short-term consumer benefits to […]

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E-Commerce Gets Spicy!

Today’s announcement of Walmart’s strategic partnership with e-commerce superstar Shopify is shaking up online shopping. Yet Shopify also recently made headlines for its collaboration with the launch of Facebook Shops, a social commerce platform that merges social media and shopping. WHY NOW? Now is the *perfect* time for these alliances because: Many consumers remain homebound […]

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2020 Retail Rumble

Forget crowdless UFC matches – 2020’s biggest rumble is taking place between retail giants Amazon and Walmart. Their arena is today’s unrelenting market complexity, including economic and technological upheaval amid the coronavirus crisis. In this third and final piece in a series, we compare Walmart and Amazon’s enduring and pandemic-specific strategies to spot market opportunities […]

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Is Walmart winning?

2020 SWOT analysis: Is Walmart winning? The world’s biggest retailer has shown surprising agility to serve consumers during the coronavirus crisis. The retailer boasts thousands of stores, robust e-grocery and enticing everyday low prices. Also, it’s not humanly possible to leave a Walmart store without spending at least $100. Is that enough to win in […]

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Is Amazon Pandemic-Proof?

Most retail companies are burning their 2020 business strategies. The coronavirus crisis has: – Left many independent retailers and brands insolvent– Prompted department store Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy last week – Shuttered storefronts and, earlier this year, Walgreens, Forever 21 and Sears had already closed several stores By contrast, Amazon is booming. Jeff […]

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Infographic - Amazon is Perfectly Positioned for a Pandemic. Lisa Goller. lisagoller.com

Amazon is Perfectly Positioned for a Pandemic

It’s Amazon’s time: The coronavirus crisis is Amazon’s opportunity. The e-commerce giant is brilliantly positioned for this moment. Key trends driving Amazon’s dominance right now: 1. GREATER CONTROL Vertical integration has given Amazon greater control of its supply chain processes, efficiencies and profitability. 2. DESIRABLE BENEFITS More consumers (and businesses) are turning to Amazon for […]

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Physical stores for e-commerce companies

Why E-Commerce Giants are Getting Physical

In May, e-commerce powerhouse Amazon announced it will open more physical stores, following the lead of online cosmetics brand Birchbox and online eyewear brand Warby Parker. Amid today’s retail disruption, the savviest retailers know superior customer experience (CX) is paramount to their success. E-commerce giants’ deliberate focus on CX has inspired their investments in omnichannel […]

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