Walmart SWOT Analysis 2024

Walmart keeps winning.

The most omnichannel retailer on the planet has made major moves in recent years and they are paying off and increasing its competitiveness.

Flip through this 2024 SWOT analysis to see how:

🛍 Several of today’s market factors play to Walmart’s core strengths

📈 Walmart is actively transforming several weaknesses into new opportunities for growth*

⭐ Investments in tech, logistics, media and healthcare have strengthened Walmart’s positioning

*For instance, Walmart is investing in upgrading 1400 stores and adding 150 new ones to improve the physical store experience. Also, it’s expanding beyond the U.S. market to high-growth regions like Latin America and South Africa, and investing in retail media leadership by acquiring Vizio.

What would you add?

Stay tuned for upcoming 2024 SWOT analyses for Kroger, Shopify and Amazon.

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