Amazon SWOT Analysis 2024

Amazon keeps transforming global retail. 🛍

The global retail standards setter and e-commerce infrastructure builder also stays true to its customer obsession and inventiveness.

Flip through this SWOT analysis and you’ll see common themes like:

🕒 Efficiency: Consumers save time, money and effort
❤️ Deep loyalty: Amazon embeds its offerings into our everyday media and shopping habits
📈 B2B services: Selling ads to brands and proprietary tech to other retailers drives growth

You’ll also notice Amazon is expanding its influence beyond retail into areas like healthcare for holistic convenience and diversification that fill market gaps.

What’s striking is how Amazon’s strategy aligns with Andy Jassy’s passion for sports, entertainment and high-margin B2B services.

What would you add?

Thank you for checking out this 2024 SWOT analysis series.

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