Which Super Bowl ads won?

Super Bowl LVIII had viewers glued to their screens.

The nail-biting game, overtime drama and outstanding creative ads gave us lots to cheer about.

Here are the top themes and ads from last night’s Super Bowl commercials.

Top categories for volume of ads:

🍎 Grocery
🍺 Beer
🍔 Foodservice
💋 Beauty

🎲 Unlike past Super Bowls, we saw more sports betting and less crypto.


Dunkin’, CeraVe, Reese, Etsy, Hellmann’s, Popeye’s, BetMGM and T-Mobile had viewers howling. These brands understood the assignment: entertain with humor and make it memorable. Their efforts earned thunderous applause on social media, amplifying the effect of their investment.


More females were watching this year, due in part to certain celebrities in the stands. Amid the NFL’s growing appeal among young ladies and their loved ones, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Dove and Cetaphil were ready with compelling spots.

👩‍🎤 RETRO ‘80s

Many brand advertisers were prepared to endear consumers with nostalgia and tap in to Gen X’s and Boomers’ disposable income. T-Mobile showcased Jason Momoa’s Flashdance moves, which was also the theme for Nerds spot with Addison Rae. Kawasaki Ridge had mullets galore, including a handsome turtle. State Farm gave us the magnificent blend of classic ’80s action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Twins co-star Danny Devito.


DoorDash dared to reward a winner with all the items from Super Bowl LVIII commercials – even cars! Temu might be all about affordability but it went on a wild spending spree, showing 6 ads last night, giving away $10 million and informing us on how to properly pronounce its name.


Seeing Carl Weathers in FanDuel’s spot and Friends stars in the Uber Eats ad reminds viewers of recent losses. Google’s exquisite storytelling showed how tech makes lives better, featuring a user with low vision and a heartwarming reveal at the end.

🛍 🛍 🛍 🛍 🛍 🛍

📣 Most brands did well at integrating their campaigns but some didn’t have social media posts ready to support their ads that had just aired — a fumble for their retail media efforts. We’ll see how this year’s spots translate into sales.

Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite?

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