2023 Retail PEST Analysis Mid-Year Review

What’s influencing retail strategy?

Over the past 6 months, certain market factors have had an outsized effect on retail strategy, as noted by the stars in the infographic.

Let’s look closer at certain key trends.


US-China relations: Montana bans TikTok amid privacy concerns, yet 75% of marketers plan to spend more on TikTok even if more bans may lie ahead

Inflation relief: Big Food companies in France faced government pressure to cut prices, beginning in July


🛍 Mixed signals: While some experts predict a global recession, others say the global economy is resilient – yet stagflation is possible in the UK, US and Europe

🛍 Inflation: Shoppers continue to buy less, seek deals and switch to more affordable alternatives, including private labels


Shoplifting: Rising theft has captured the attention of retailers, law enforcement and solution providers

Return to the office: More employers direct workers to come back, prompting some employees to push back


🛍 AI: This innovation is shaking up retail with potential efficiencies in customer service, dynamic pricing and automated fulfillment.

🛍 Stores evolve: From retail media (Kroger’s digital screens) to smart fitting rooms, expect to see more tech in brick-and-mortar

Overall, the global retail sector is focusing on opportunities for B2B and B2C growth and efficiency to stay resilient.

What market factors would you add?

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