Look How Far Amazon Has Come

Look How Far Amazon Has Come!

From overcoming pandemic out-of-stocks to smashing Prime Day records and emerging as the biggest advertiser in history, Amazon has come far this decade.

Notice the focus on growth:

⭐ Beyond retail categories
⭐ Across products and services
⭐ Spanning B2C and B2B audiences

Looking ahead, expect to see:

✅ More diversified revenue streams to stay resilient
✅ Online-to-offline evolution, expanding into physical stores and digitizing them
✅ Media investments to embed Amazon into more of our leisure habits and boost ad revenue

Despite non-stop change in recent years, Amazon’s tech inventiveness and customer obsession remain constant.

What would you add?

Coming soon: We’ll revisit the 2023 Retail PEST Analysis to see what has changed over the past 6 months.

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