Why Grocery is a Retail Media Magnet

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 23: Why Grocery is a Retail Media Magnet

Why are brands gobbling up advertising in grocery?

Factors like:

🍎 Big baskets
🍊 Frequent visits
πŸ‹ Robust loyalty data

… make grocers’ retail media networks irresistible to brands that want to reach and influence the masses as they shop.

That’s why retailers like:

πŸ“ Ahold Delhaize
🍊 Albertsons
🍌 Amazon
πŸ₯‘ Carrefour
πŸ‡ Kroger
πŸ‰ Loblaws
πŸ‘ Sainsbury’s
πŸ₯ Target
πŸ’ Tesco
🍏 Walmart

… have emerged as retail media leaders.

In addition, CPG brands have the highest share of total ad expenditures among U.S. industries, accounting for 23% of their budgets. [Statista]

πŸ₯Š Since consumers regularly buy food and beverages, the CPG industry is highly competitive with brands fighting for shelf space and attention.

🌟 Buying ads helps CPG brands stand out in the crowded grocery space (and compete as private label sales soar).

What would you add?

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