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Amazon 2021 Strategy Diamond

How Amazon keeps winning … As this framework (Hambrick & Frederickson’s Strategy Diamond) reveals, the e-commerce giant sets industry standards, dazzles consumers and spooks rivals. For instance: CONSUMERS save time & money from unmatched tech efficiencies SUPPLY CHAIN PARTNERS gain resources that fuel growth & agility🥊 RIVALS had to react to an October Prime Day, […]

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2021 Retail Tech Trends

In 2021, e-commerce will catapult forward. The pandemic sparked a mass migration to digital to satisfy our basic needs, from food to social connection. This year, we can expect the entire e-commerce infrastructure to mature with tech innovations like: Livestreaming E-grocery evolution Autonomous vehicles What other retail tech trends will influence the supply chain in […]

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2021 Retail Strategy Trends

What does 2021 have in store? Reinvigorating retail and getting closer to consumers are macro strategic trends we’ll see in the new year, as retailers and brands: – Fuel sales and consumer excitement– Cut inefficiencies– Gain lucrative new strengths See related infographics on:– 2020 Retail Partnerships– 2020 Retail PEST Analysis– Social Commerce is the Future […]

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