Ad Buying & Selling Evolve With Retail Media

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 18: Ad Buying & Selling Evolve With Retail Media

Retailers are now media companies.

More brands and agencies buy advertising from retailers to reach consumers along the omnichannel customer journey.

As we’ve seen this week:

📣 Retailers, brands and agencies are restructuring
📣 They’re adopting technology to collaborate
📣 They’re integrating their media processes

In addition, these stakeholder are evolving from using disparate media communications (like Excel, Google Docs, PDFs) to a single online source for all media management processes.


✅ Reduced complexity
✅ Increased transparency and agility
✅ Retailers can track their full inventory of media opportunities
✅ Brands can see all media opportunities and know what drives the greatest conversions

How else are ad buying and selling evolving with retail media?

Retail Media Sparks Restructuring

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