Retail Media Inspires Retailer-Brand Collaboration

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 17: Retail Media Inspires Retailer-Brand Collaboration

The retailer-brand relationship keeps evolving from combative to collaborative.

Companies are rethinking how they do business, especially in light of new, lucrative opportunities created by retail media’s explosive growth.


⭐ Retailers and brands are evolving from a short-term, transactional mindset to a long-term partnership mindset

🛍 Companies are aligning their strategies to achieve mutual success by keeping their focus on delighting consumers

⭐ They’re shifting from disparate data silos to collaborative information sharing to better understand consumers’ evolving needs and habits


🛍 Retailers and brands seek efficiency and growth
⭐ These companies recognize they can’t do it all alone
🛍 Brands are no longer just suppliers – now they’re B2B buyers of retailers’ ads


There’s enough room for retailers, brands and consumers to win.

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