Retail Media Goes Full Funnel

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 19: Retail Media Goes Full Funnel

Consumers’ omnichannel habits are disrupting marketing.

The path to purchase is no longer a tidy, linear progression.

Now marketers are letting go of old paradigms and adapting to consumers’ ability to shop anywhere, including:

🛍 Stores
🛍 E-commerce sites  
🛍 Social media platforms

Retail media has changed the marketing funnel, as it allows both:

🔺 UPPER-FUNNEL brand awareness, including more targeted, measurable ads due to closed-loop sales attribution

🔻 LOWER-FUNNEL conversions at the point-of-sale, influencing consumers as they shop

Consumers can enter the funnel at any stage, so brands need to be prepared.

Expect more brands to buy advertising along the omnichannel customer journey to reach shoppers, minimize the path to purchase and drive performance.

What would you add?

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