Retail Media Stakeholders

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 6: Retail Media Stakeholders

It takes a retail media ecosystem …

B2C and B2B stakeholder groups that collaborate to ultimately understand, reach and convert consumers using retail media include:

🛍 Retailers, which represent the supply side of retail media networks
🥫 Brands, which represent the demand side
📣 Agencies, which work with brand advertisers
📱 Tech providers, which help these groups connect with each other and shoppers

In upcoming posts, we’ll look at each of these stakeholder groups, including:

⭐ Their objectives

⭐ Their needs

⭐ How they benefit from retail media’s massive growth

⭐ Which global companies stand out

⭐ How these stakeholders are shaping the future of retail marketing.

Follow along!

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