Amazon Gets Intimate

Oh baby: Amazon is getting intimate with us.

It could be the lockdown loneliness kicking in but I’m convinced that Amazon is the best date ever.

Think about it, people: they’re seductive ninjas, subtly applying the 5 Love Languages (Gifts! Movies! Dinner!) to make us swoon.

(Personally, I can’t wait until I can say, “Alexa, peel me a grape,” and an Amazon drone or a Zoox automated vehicle caters to my princessy laziness.)

Why does Amazon have the hots for us?

Simple: our data is irresistible.

The more intimately Amazon knows us, the more it can embed its personalized products and services into our everyday habits, and the more money we will spend.

Not calling Amazon a gold digger but the retail giant is clearly a sly, attentive companion who’s interested in a long-term (lucrative) relationship.

How, if at all, has Amazon entwined its offerings into your everyday life?

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